Saturday, March 28, 2015

For the Love of Shoes

I know it sounds like a cliche`. All girls like shoes. My oldest daughter isn't overly girly-she prefers jeans and sweatshirts to dressing up-but she loves shoes. My youngest thinks she has flair to spare, and loves shoes (more specifically: boots). Most of my girlfriends love shoes.

And shoes that I would most like to own are far out of my league. Those beautiful Blahnik's, Choo's, Miu Miu's, Louboutin's............I mean, they are works of art! But that sad truth is I only have a beer budget and Grey Goose dreams.

I have large feet. Not like basketball player size 15, but a 9-1/2. I don't often find nice shoes in thrift stores for my size. I find tons of 7's that are the most adorable ones that want to jump into my cart, but I must break it to them gently that I would need to remove my toes for them come close to fitting. And I like my toes.

Last weekend I introduced a friend of mine to Arc's Value Village. I myself had only recently tried them myself.  We had a fun day of thrifting and a wonderful lunch at PF Chang's.

I wasn't having a lot of luck finding clothes that I wanted. I did find a dress and some shorts, but to my amazement: shoes. As in 5 pairs. 1 pair has never been worn, 3 have very light wear and 1 pair are nicely broken in.

Back row: Bandolino, Cole Haan, Born
Front row: Bare Trap, Naturalizer

My hubby was none too happy. Apparently he feels if you get a pair of shoes, you need to get rid of a pair. I think he was dropped on his head as a child. 

We stopped at Turn Style Consignment after visiting 2 Arc's Value Village locations. Kelley found 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of cropped pants for work. I couldn't find anything for me, but I found something for my love bug!

Children's Place 'fur' coat-tags still on

It was a really fun day with a sweet friend.

Cole Haan Nike Air pumps-- $36.99 + 25% off with coupon. Retail around $125-150
Bandolino faux alligator wedge--$28 + 25% off with coupon (never worn). Similar about $48
Born sandals--$10.49. Retail around $100
Bare Trap sandals--$7.49. Similar retail $40-50
Naturalizer slide sandals--$6.49 + 25% off with coupon. Can't find comparable-guessing $40?

Children Place jacket--$7. Tags on but price torn off. Guessing $25

I think Coco will look quite cute in it next fall!

**UPDATE: hubby says he WAS NOT dropped on his head. He just thinks like a 'normal' person.

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