Sunday, March 1, 2015

Thrifting Heaven

Living in Podunk like we do, we must drive to the big cities so see some thrift action. Really, 25-35 miles isn't so bad considering we have to drive 10 miles just to get some milk.

We have a radio station in the Twin Cities that is talk radio, but not your normal talk radio.  MyTalk 107.1 is an entertainment station. They talk TV shows, movies, music, strange news. Pretty much Pop Culture. They have spoken of Arc's Value Village for as long as I have been listening to the station. They are all in the Twin Cities metro area, which means a drive.

They opened a new store about 27 miles from us and I took a wander up last Sunday. I hit the jackpot, baby. For about $83 I got a couple dresses, many tops, two jackets, 7 pieces of jewelry, the shoes posted in my last post, some baby clothes for CJ, some books and a blue vase for my desk at work (a place that is stuck in the 70's, but that is a different story).

Today my youngest wanted to go see what it was all about.  She took over my job as Office Manager when I went to the 'Mothership' of our employer.  She is a young, single Mom (both kids and a grandchild are under our small, small roof) who doesn't have much money to spend on herself, so she had thrifted since she was a teen.

I love to find different pieces of jewelry. 

Just a pop of color is sometimes all you need to make an outfit

Cleaned and ready to be worn, including a Lane Bryant dress, a Limited tank and a Style & Co top

Some of the lighter stuff-Style & Co, Merona and Jones of New York

Every week at Arc's, there is a colored tag sale for 50% off everything with that color.  On Sundays, they pick another tag color and all the clothes with that tag color are $1.29. A BUCK TWENTY NINE!!

My daughter got some Limited pants, a Banana Republic blouse, an Old Navy skirt and a Gap sweater. The sweater was $6 but the other three were $1.29 each.

We had a fun afternoon out scooping up deals and treated ourselves to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Mmm, probably won't be going there again anytime soon. Our food came before our drinks, there was tomato on my sandwich when I asked for no tomato and then our desserts took about 15 minutes to get to our table. AND it was horribly expensive. 

I'm off to eat my piece of cheesecake-it had better be good!


  1. What an absolute treasure trove of finds - and at such substantially big savings. It's awesome to know that $38.00 still goes a long way at thrift stores in some parts of the world. Even at the 50% off days at Value Village here in Canada, you'd be very hard pressed to get anywhere near that amount of items for the same price.

    That said, there's another one (50% sale) coming up next week and so long as my health is up to it, I'll definitely be there bright and early! :) I love thrifting and unless it becomes truly prohibitively expensive, don't plan to ever stop.

    Have a beautiful week!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I've only thrifted for a couple of years after we had a couple setbacks with job layoffs, so it was necessary. When I realized what I could find, it just became a habit. I always want to find some real 50's vintage stuff, but haven't lucked out on that front :)

    I hope your health is good and you can make the sale and find some great deals!