Sunday, January 25, 2015

Time flies when you're not looking

Sometimes life just gets in the way, doesn't it?  I started to blog many years ago as a creative outlet.  It was about cooking and the simple things we like to eat, along with just things that happened in life.  Somehow I fell out of love with cooking.  I don't know what happened.  It just seems like such a chore.  In a way, I think it is because no one seems to appreciate it any longer. With 4 adults and a baby in the house, we are going different directions at all times.  We rarely get to sit down to dinner anymore since 3 of the 4 of us work different hours than the rest. It just doesn't fulfill me like it used to.  I do feel great once I have talked myself into actually preparing a meal, but the effort it takes to get me there just exhausts me.

I'm hoping that with this new blog, I can find some kind of passion for something again.  I have always loved clothes......and shoes.....and purses.  My favorite era for clothing is the 1950's and 60's.  I feel that I should have truly been an adult at that time.  Women were stylish, the clothing had great form and who doesn't want to play cards and drink martini's in the middle of the day?

As I am starting out, I will post pics of thrifty items I find.  Some will be what I have found at thrift stores, and others will be some great deals I find on clearance.  I want to get some time under my belt before I start styling the pieces (I have "styled" a couple pieces when I first started this blog).  I just need to gain some confidence after reading so many great blogs and seeing what appears to be natural talent.  I will also ask questions and opinions to help me find my voice and to honestly ask for help.  Many times I find things I love, but have no idea to wear with it.

For my first find, I present 

It is a Sag Harbor black sweater that I picked up for $4.99 at Savers.  I'm limited on my photo editing tools, so it looks a little washed out. Trust me when I say it is not faded at all.  It has this cute little bow on the collar and it is one of the softest sweaters I own.  I paired it with a pair of black and grey pants and a pair of black booties.  I'm looking for some bold colored earrings or a bracelet to wear with it to add a pop of color.  I didn't want to interfere with the cute bow with a necklace.

And a side note: I did spell "Trys" incorrectly in the name of my blog.  I just liked the way it looked, rather than being grammatically correct :)

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

I know lots of people do Thrifty Thursday on the Blog land. There is #tbt on Facebook.

I have a thrifted outfit that I really like. It has the 60's vibe that I really like. My hubby calls this my "Peggy Olson" outfit.

The dress I found at Saver's for $7.99 and the shoes were $5.99 and I got 50% off because of a sale. The cardigan is one that I have had forever.

I just found a red belt to wear with it and the hubby really likes it as it gives me more of the hour glass figure and he thinks it is sassy.

I hate how my selfies-in-the-mirror turn out, but I was at work and snapped it while I was still 'fresh' looking :)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

It wasn't meant to be

I had gotten an email from Savers that on Wednesday there were having a sale for club card members. 25% off $25 or more and 40% off $40 or more.  I really didn't need anything and really shouldn't be spending any money.  I picked up a few skirts and some pants and hit the dresses. I found one that I fell for. I mean hard.  It was a green nubbly material and from the 60's.  It still had a tag on it regarding the material. It was my size. I had my doubts.  I always thought that the sizes from that era were sized on a larger scale. My Mom said she wore a size 8 back then but it was actually a 12 in today's sizes. I couldn't even zip the darn thing.

It had beautiful beading around the neck and sleeves. It came about an inch above my knees. The bottom picture is pretty close to the actual color. It is hard to get a good photo in a teeny tiny dressing room. I didn't use a flash because I didn't want to be that crazy lady in the dressing room!

I was so heartbroken, I just left the store.

Some day I will find a real vintage dress I can buy. Until then-I hope you find a good home, pretty green dress.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Is it time for a reality escape?

It has been busy around here. Our eldest daughter moved home this weekend. We have a wedding this weekend. Then we have our youngest daughter's baby shower.

Sewing, baking, cooking-everything has been on hold. Trying to fit 4 adults and a soon to be born baby (and a dog) into the house has been challenging.

I have started making the bumper pads for the crib. She is decorating in elephants.

After discovering that I was short about 1/3 of a yard, I needed an alternative plan.  I had some yellow blizzard fleece so for the two end bumpers we will have 2 tone bumpers.

Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we will be grandparents in less than 2 months. There are so many unanswered questions and problems. The only thing we are focusing on now is that there will be a sweet little baby here soon.  The rest will just have to work itself out.

We did find another Goodwill that is close to our house and is very clean and well laid out. It even has a designated section for Women's sizes.  Found some great deals, like this:

On top of this, it was 50% off. It fits great, it is light weight and really well made.  It was my best find yet!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Honestly, I only stopped in to browse.....

I was going to Joann Fabrics to pick up some muslin and a pattern for a shirt.  All the patterns I had many years ago are long gone-and way out of style.  I had a coupon for 40% off 1 full price item, plus a 25% coupon off of my total purchase.

However, Savers is right next to Joann's so I stopped there first. Sigh. Not good for the pocketbook. Huh, pocketbook-sounds like my Mom talking.

I found some books for the soon to be born granddaughter and was just browsing around.

I found patterns hanging on the wall in plastic bags. There were 4 patterns in each plastic bag, and they were stapled shut with a price tag.

Now, to be honest, most of them I won't use (the bags were so tightly closed, you couldn't see what was in each one). I did find three that I will try to use to make for my vacation to Portland, OR in the middle of August.  The Simplicity one shown directly above-oh my goodness, I love it!  I love 60's fashion. The pattern was listed in my dress size, but being that it is probably 40 years old, I don't know how it will correspond to current day.  The pattern is cut out and doesn't look to have been used a lot. It is such nice, heavy tissue with bold lines and the directions are so clear.

There is one for a longer tunic top that I want to try to go with some leggings I bought and another for a simple pullover top.

I couldn't stop myself from running through the apparel and shoe department. Darn it-of course I found things.

I found a denim Tommy Hilfiger dress for $10.  I usually try to only buy clothes and shoes when they have their 50% off sale, but it looked brand new.

I thought maybe I should take a little, teeny bit in by my natural waist.  One thing made me quite sad-I can see how much weight I have gained. I have had a stressful past 8 months, and I have always been a stress eater. This is visible proof that it has gotten out of hand. It is the motivation I need to get back to the gym and for making better food choices.

I also found a couple pairs of shoes. The black ones are a half size larger than I normally wear, but they were so comfy and they look brand new. When I turned them over, there was very little dirt and no scuffs or gouges. The brown ones have been worn a bit, but are in good shape. They both have chunky heels that work better for me. I'm not entirely graceful and my feet always hurt in stiletto's and pencil thin heels. 

I also found 2 more dresses that I like that will be great for vacation. So easy to throw on and go.  Those will show up later.

I've wasted my day (well, not wasted as I did learn quite a bit from watching some sewing Youtube videos) and now need to go sit at the machine and do something.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Maybe if I was Laura Ingalls Wilder.....

When Savers had their big President's Day sale, my daughter and I found some great deals.  The granddaughter has a closet full of clothes and she isn't even here yet!  I have to admit-I was pretty happy when we found out she was having a girl. It is terrible to say-but they are so much more fun to dress up!

I also lucked out. That pile of clothes I posted last week has several things I am working on now.

One item I picked up was a long brown skirt. Between the regular price and the 50% deal they had that day, it only cost me about $2. I love skirts and dresses-I would wear them all the time if I could find a bunch that fit me well. My shape looks funny in a lot of them, so when I find one that fits, I pick it up.

I liked this one as it has some seaming down the front and back-helps with my curves. I was not, however, digging the long length and the hem. It looked like they used an overlock stitch just on the edge.

I cut about 7 inches off the bottom. I then laid the bottom portion I had cut off on top of the shortened skirt to line up the seaming so the curve of the hem would be correct.

It now hits at a more flattering knee length. I pouches at bit at my stomach, but that is because of my tummy-working on that :)

The hardest thing I'm dealing with is what to pair the skirt with. I have it with my beige owl sweater above, but I would like to find something a little brighter to wear-but I never know what color I should wear with brown.  Any suggestions?

I also mentioned that I attempted my first blind hem. I tried it on this skirt. I think it turned out pretty good for my first attempt. It didn't catch in a few places so I used some fusible hem tape. I think it may have happened because I didn't iron the hem first. I was apprehensive to iron it first in case it didn't lay right or if it would pull while hemming. Learned my lesson-iron it flat first.

Off to watch the 100th episode of Glee and watch the snow fall. It is the winter that won't end.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Like a Kid in a Candy store

When I came to the realization that my money would go further if I shopped in thrift stores, it was like the proverbial light bulb went off.  Most things I have bought have needed some altering or I went in with the idea to refashion/make it over. I could get my craft vibe on and if it was dreadful, I wouldn't be out a ton of cash. If it turned out-well, new threads for me.

I had bought a new sewing machine about 6 years ago when my 20 year old one bit the dust.  I bought one with a larger sewing surface as my eldest daughter was taking a quilting class. Fast forward and she took it off to college with her.  I bought a cheap one just to have in the event I need to hem something or take up some straps on tank tops.

After finding many different blogs about people and their refashioning ideas and tutorials, I realized my cheapy machine couldn't stand up to what I wanted to experiment with.

I read many reviews and this one seemed to really fit my needs.  While it isn't a top of the line machine by any means, it sews like a dream compared to what I had.  I love the drop in bobbin-my old, old machine had it and I never had any trouble with it. My cheapy has the one on the front of the arm. It was a pain-especially because I couldn't see what I had left on the bobbin.

It is so easy to thread-I'm amazed.

I attempted my first blind hem :)

I think me and the Curvy will get along nicely.

I've finished a couple of easy re-do's, I just need to find a day to try them on and take pictures.  I didn't get out of my sweats from Friday night until I had to go back to work this morning. It was heavenly!