Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunny and Bright

While we here in Minnesota are always complaining this time of year that the winter was sooooooo long and horrible and that we just want to see grass, hear birds and wear something other than tights, wool socks, down parkas and long underwear.

Happy to report that all this snow is now gone!

The truth is,we have had a pretty mild winter this year.  We did have many cold snaps, but our winter was not too bad. Last winter-that was bad. Huge amounts of snow, blizzard conditions, horrible icy roads. And it snowed in May. That was a bad winter.

Trying to wish spring here, I pulled out some sandals, a lightweight bright blouse and my favorite thrift purchase ever-a pair of white Ann Taylor jeans. The are the best fitting jeans I have ever put my booty in. They are the curvy fit and I think I want to wear them every day.  The pants had the tags on when I bought them. so I went to the website to check on ordering another pair-gah! $89! Which is what the tag said, but sometimes 'retail' isn't 
'real-tail'.  I couldn't bring myself to spend that much right now-but maybe when I win the lottery ;)

Ann Taylor Jeans-$20 Clothes Mentor
Apt 9 blouse for Kohl's-thrifted $5.99 Goodwill
Kate Spade bag-thrifted $8.99 Savers (I don't think it is real-but it's cute!)
Sandals-Target (old) gift

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