Sunday, April 19, 2015

Girl's Day

After starting my day out right with a Zumba/Hula class, my daughters, my granddaughter and myself spent the whole day out shopping. One was looking for some separates for work, the other was looking for a swimsuit and I was basically just along as the driver and lunch-payer.

After we hit one mall and Kohl's to return some items, we headed off to Arc's Value Village as we had several bags of items to donate.  We received a coupon for 25% off, plus a bonus 200 points for my rewards card.

My youngest found a lot of stuff (she is like a small, even after the baby) so there were a lot of choices for her. My eldest found a pretty scarf she is going to try and make a handkerchief top out of. She is also quite thin, but was blessed with the chest I had before surgery, and is very concerned with proper coverage. If I've taught them anything, it was 'keep the girls covered'.  We even found a little romper for Coco.

I didn't score a huge haul, but I did find 2 pairs of shorts with the tags still on, an animal print sheer tank, a red satiny blouse with elbow length sleeve, a pair of sandals and a retro print scarf.

After leaving the thrift store, we hit up another mall to look for shoes.  We didn't have any luck with that, but we stopped for a quick snack-and a snap of Coco. Sigh-she is the most beautiful being. I heart her very much :)

We had a lovely day with a lot of laughter....and very little bitching (wink, wink).

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