Thursday, April 23, 2015

Skirting the Issue

I found several skirts while thrifting the last the couple of months, but since many of them are are lightweight, I haven't taken them out for a spin yet.  I put one on the other day, and you could barely distinguish between the skirt and my legs. Time to break out self tanner.

A poly blend-no wrinkles!

Cotton with a slight bit of crinoline

Linen Blend

I guess I have a thing for black and white prints. I bought them all at different times, and then when I was organizing the closet I realized that I had three pretty similar skirts.  The weight is different on all of them, but just the color makes me want to wear them in the summer months versus winter.

I just need some time out in the sun so you can tell I have legs....

Top: 212 for Kohl's --$3.99
Middle: Jones New York--$8.99-half off=$4.49
Bottom: Talbots--$6.99-tags still on-$69.99

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