Monday, February 23, 2015

The Answer my Friend, is Blowing in the Wind...

Actually, the wind is just blowing. A lot.

We live in the country so we have a lot of open space surrounding us. It is ALWAYS windy here, but this is ridiculous. The windows are humming because of the wind.  I'm thankful we don't have snow to go with this wind like out East (we had that last year-don't miss it).

I was going through some of my folders of pictures and deleting ones that are in one or more folders. Why does the computer recognize that these photos have already been downloaded sometimes. but not others? I digress. Looking through photos of last summer are helping to ease the winter blues. Maybe not, but it did take my mind off the howling right next to my computer.

                                                     Me and my girls on Mother's Day

                                                                      Me and my BFF in Portland, OR

At the Great Minnesota Get Together (the State Fair)

And of course the best part of last summer was the arrival of our grand daughter CoCo

Ahhh, memories.  

With this darn cold weather, I haven't been able to take any photos in my thrift store finds.  It is hard to take good photos in the house as we have good Southern exposure in the living room, but there isn't a great spot to take photos, since the walls either have a couch, a fireplace or stairs-not great backdrops. The fireplace would be okay, except for the big TV sitting in front of it. 

So I wait. Until it is at least above 30 degrees and the wind is lest than 30 MPH!

I had a great thrifting trip on Sunday. I found so much stuff and I can't wait to get it cleaned and ready to wear.

Happy Monday everyone!

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