Friday, March 7, 2014

If I close my eyes really tight....

I swear I can almost hear the water lapping against the side of the boat. See the sun glistening across the water. Feel the fish nibbling at my toes, wanting to know if I have some bread for them today.

We started renting a cabin after our 5th wheel was totaled due to water damage.  Just the two of us for one week in a cabin from the 50's.  A bunch of windows, no air, and hotter than all get out. The second day we had to go to town and find a fan. And it came with a double bed. Now, I love my husband, but that bed was way too small when it was 95 degrees and there wasn't any moving air except for the small fan.

We spent part of every day on the boat, beaching it on the sandbar by the island. We floated, drank beer, had snacks, fed the fish and grilled.

Trying to think ahead, I was looking for light weight clothing to take with this summer.  I had found a cute skirt that was about 4 sizes bigger than what I wear. It was $3.50 plus 50% off. Figured I couldn't go wrong.

I couldn't get a shot of how wide it was because the fabric kept drooping because the hangar is only so wide

I just pinned it, ran a basting stitch to see if it fit okay and then sewed it up. I'm glad I was smart enough to do the basting stitch as it was a little tight. I tried to curve it some around my hips so it looked a little more fitted.

(excuse the really white legs-they haven't seen sun in 6 months)

This will be a cute skirt to pack for a day we run into town to browse the shops (yes-he will actually browse on vacation) and hit up the burger spot. Some flip flops and a a white t-shirt and I will be all set!

C'mon July......


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