Thursday, April 23, 2015

Skirting the Issue

I found several skirts while thrifting the last the couple of months, but since many of them are are lightweight, I haven't taken them out for a spin yet.  I put one on the other day, and you could barely distinguish between the skirt and my legs. Time to break out self tanner.

A poly blend-no wrinkles!

Cotton with a slight bit of crinoline

Linen Blend

I guess I have a thing for black and white prints. I bought them all at different times, and then when I was organizing the closet I realized that I had three pretty similar skirts.  The weight is different on all of them, but just the color makes me want to wear them in the summer months versus winter.

I just need some time out in the sun so you can tell I have legs....

Top: 212 for Kohl's --$3.99
Middle: Jones New York--$8.99-half off=$4.49
Bottom: Talbots--$6.99-tags still on-$69.99

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Girl's Day

After starting my day out right with a Zumba/Hula class, my daughters, my granddaughter and myself spent the whole day out shopping. One was looking for some separates for work, the other was looking for a swimsuit and I was basically just along as the driver and lunch-payer.

After we hit one mall and Kohl's to return some items, we headed off to Arc's Value Village as we had several bags of items to donate.  We received a coupon for 25% off, plus a bonus 200 points for my rewards card.

My youngest found a lot of stuff (she is like a small, even after the baby) so there were a lot of choices for her. My eldest found a pretty scarf she is going to try and make a handkerchief top out of. She is also quite thin, but was blessed with the chest I had before surgery, and is very concerned with proper coverage. If I've taught them anything, it was 'keep the girls covered'.  We even found a little romper for Coco.

I didn't score a huge haul, but I did find 2 pairs of shorts with the tags still on, an animal print sheer tank, a red satiny blouse with elbow length sleeve, a pair of sandals and a retro print scarf.

After leaving the thrift store, we hit up another mall to look for shoes.  We didn't have any luck with that, but we stopped for a quick snack-and a snap of Coco. Sigh-she is the most beautiful being. I heart her very much :)

We had a lovely day with a lot of laughter....and very little bitching (wink, wink).

Saturday, April 4, 2015


I have a hard time wearing yellow. It is clashes with the undertones of my skin.

But every once in a while, I luck out and find the right tone that works for me.

You know how I love polka dots!

I found this blouse on a trip to Arc's Value Village about 6 weeks ago. It makes me happy. A little piece of sunshine filling my day.

I think I need to buy some daffodils now

The snow is finally gone!!

I had a good shopping trip today.  My husband and I finally decided on a locale for our 25th Anniversary trip.  I found several dresses, a bathing suit and a collapsible sun hat.  Only 8 more months! Ocho Rios, watch out!

I hope everyone has a joyous Easter. 

Dress Barn Yellow Polka dot blouse--$6.99 @ Arc's Value Village
Orange/yellow bracelet--$1.25 @ Arc's Value Village
Purple faux croc purse--old, from Kohl's

Saturday, March 28, 2015

For the Love of Shoes

I know it sounds like a cliche`. All girls like shoes. My oldest daughter isn't overly girly-she prefers jeans and sweatshirts to dressing up-but she loves shoes. My youngest thinks she has flair to spare, and loves shoes (more specifically: boots). Most of my girlfriends love shoes.

And shoes that I would most like to own are far out of my league. Those beautiful Blahnik's, Choo's, Miu Miu's, Louboutin's............I mean, they are works of art! But that sad truth is I only have a beer budget and Grey Goose dreams.

I have large feet. Not like basketball player size 15, but a 9-1/2. I don't often find nice shoes in thrift stores for my size. I find tons of 7's that are the most adorable ones that want to jump into my cart, but I must break it to them gently that I would need to remove my toes for them come close to fitting. And I like my toes.

Last weekend I introduced a friend of mine to Arc's Value Village. I myself had only recently tried them myself.  We had a fun day of thrifting and a wonderful lunch at PF Chang's.

I wasn't having a lot of luck finding clothes that I wanted. I did find a dress and some shorts, but to my amazement: shoes. As in 5 pairs. 1 pair has never been worn, 3 have very light wear and 1 pair are nicely broken in.

Back row: Bandolino, Cole Haan, Born
Front row: Bare Trap, Naturalizer

My hubby was none too happy. Apparently he feels if you get a pair of shoes, you need to get rid of a pair. I think he was dropped on his head as a child. 

We stopped at Turn Style Consignment after visiting 2 Arc's Value Village locations. Kelley found 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of cropped pants for work. I couldn't find anything for me, but I found something for my love bug!

Children's Place 'fur' coat-tags still on

It was a really fun day with a sweet friend.

Cole Haan Nike Air pumps-- $36.99 + 25% off with coupon. Retail around $125-150
Bandolino faux alligator wedge--$28 + 25% off with coupon (never worn). Similar about $48
Born sandals--$10.49. Retail around $100
Bare Trap sandals--$7.49. Similar retail $40-50
Naturalizer slide sandals--$6.49 + 25% off with coupon. Can't find comparable-guessing $40?

Children Place jacket--$7. Tags on but price torn off. Guessing $25

I think Coco will look quite cute in it next fall!

**UPDATE: hubby says he WAS NOT dropped on his head. He just thinks like a 'normal' person.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Weather Separates

The weather is warming, a little.

The snow in these pictures are gone-it will show up in a few more posts as I took several pics on one day. While we had a couple of very nice days last week, we are back to more normal temps this week-ranging between 40 and 55 degrees.  Time to shed heavier layers and start wearing lighter weight options.

I have a lot of black in my wardrobe due it's slimming effects, but also because it is a good neutral. It goes with just about every color in the closet.

This is the softest shirt I have ever worn

Perfect for my office, which is way too warm all the time

In addition to the blouse above, here are a few items that I found while thrifting a couple of weeks ago.  The scarf doesn't have any tags, but it reminds me of one my Mom wore back in the 70's.  The baby blue cardigan is deliciously soft and has become one of my favorite things I have found. The fabulous t-shirt reminds me of my teenage years in the 80's. I love it for the gym.


Black A.N.A. blouse-thrifted $1.29
Black and white striped Merona skirt-clearance $7.98
Black Peep toe Merona shoes-sale $18.99

Blue polka dot with red trim scarf-thrifted $1.29
Baby Blue Designers Originals sweater-thrifted $1.29
Grey L.O.L. Vintage crop t-shirt-thrifted $1.29

The items thrifted for $1.29 are from Arc's Value Village that has a different colored tag sale every Sunday where all clothes with that color tag are, you guessed it, $1.29. The blouse was $6.99,                                                              the scarf was $3.49, the sweater was $7.99 and the crop tee was                                                            $5.99.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunny and Bright

While we here in Minnesota are always complaining this time of year that the winter was sooooooo long and horrible and that we just want to see grass, hear birds and wear something other than tights, wool socks, down parkas and long underwear.

Happy to report that all this snow is now gone!

The truth is,we have had a pretty mild winter this year.  We did have many cold snaps, but our winter was not too bad. Last winter-that was bad. Huge amounts of snow, blizzard conditions, horrible icy roads. And it snowed in May. That was a bad winter.

Trying to wish spring here, I pulled out some sandals, a lightweight bright blouse and my favorite thrift purchase ever-a pair of white Ann Taylor jeans. The are the best fitting jeans I have ever put my booty in. They are the curvy fit and I think I want to wear them every day.  The pants had the tags on when I bought them. so I went to the website to check on ordering another pair-gah! $89! Which is what the tag said, but sometimes 'retail' isn't 
'real-tail'.  I couldn't bring myself to spend that much right now-but maybe when I win the lottery ;)

Ann Taylor Jeans-$20 Clothes Mentor
Apt 9 blouse for Kohl's-thrifted $5.99 Goodwill
Kate Spade bag-thrifted $8.99 Savers (I don't think it is real-but it's cute!)
Sandals-Target (old) gift

Friday, March 13, 2015


8 full days of being sick.

I felt like a leper in the waiting room.

The drugs aren't helping.

Cold now bronchitis and asthma attacks.